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Horseman Axella SX


Digital View Camera w/Fine Adjustment Controls
The Horseman Axella SX is a L-shaped view camera which enables camera movements by supporting Digital cameras and Digital camera backs etc.
Four independent camera movements, Tilt, Shift, Swing and Rise/Fall, are available both at the front side (lens) and the back side (sensor).
A fine focus adjusting control is installed at the front side, as well as a fine shift adjusting control at the back side.


Abundant camera movement amounts

Abundant camera movement amounts

The Horseman Axella SX has abundant front and back camera movement amounts:
  • Tilt: ±45° or over
  • Swing: ±45° or over
  • Rise / Fall: 30mm each direction
  • Shift: 30mm each direction
Utilizing a large-format camera lens having a generous image circle, the Horseman Axella S enables new and creative expression.
Flange Back 41mm

Length of Flange Back 41mm*

The Length of the flange back of the Horseman Axella SX is shortened to 41mm.*
Using a digital camera back, you can utilize a digital lens such as the HR Digaron S 23mm. The enables Wide-angle photography, now possible with this type of view camera ever. Also, when used with a T mount adapter, up to a 210mm lens can be used with extension of the bellows.
* when attached with Hasselblad V mount
Fine shift adjustment
Fine focus adjustment

Fine shift adjustment /Fine focus adjustment

The Micro Drive System allows up to 5mm of fine adjustment left-and rightward.
The Micro Drive System allows up to 5mm of fine adjustment back and forth.

Light weight and compact design

In addition to the exceptional sturdiness and durability of the metallic material, the Horseman Axella SX is extremely compact. Gross weight is only 2.9kg. It can be stored in a compact way by removing the rail.

Made in Japan

Horseman Axella SX is manufactured and assembled with all Japan-made parts under the strict quality control according to the rigid production standard.
Highly accurate
camera movements
camera movements
swing & tilt system

Image axis fulcrum swing & tilt system

The L shaped standards of the Horseman Axella SX provides a center pivot or fulcrum for all camera movements. Even with rear Full Camera Movement, this prevents defocusing of the image center or the displacement of a composition. As no image re-composition or refocusing*1) is needed, this greatly aids speed and efficiency.
*1) When shooting A with Tilt movement and its axis is displaced from the sensor position, the image will be defocused and deformed as in the picture B. Then, readjustment is needed.

M.F.D.(Main Frame Drive)

M.F.D. function is a variable system to translate the main frame with improvement on the image axis fulcrum Full Camera Movement. When focusing on an oblique object with Tilt movement and the object is off the center of the image plane, the axis of Tilt movement can be moved up to 30mm. The focal point of the object is set accurately with the scale. Horseman employs the M.F.D. function for Rise-Fall, which is very useful for a fine-arrangement of framing after focused with Tilt movement. It moves parallel to lens surface in the front and to sensor surface in the rear. Therefore, the focus plane is set by Tilt movement and can be maintained so as to not cause defocusing. Stitching in the longitudinal direction can be easily done as well.
vertical, horizontal,

A switch between vertical and
horizontal positions can be made
quite easily by a one-touch operation!

With the revolving system, switching from the vertical position to the horizontal position and vice versa can be easily achieved. Loosen the knob on the camera mount and then, turn the camera. Just one-touch operation! You can always select any framing freely.
Linhof standard Lens Panel
Linhof standard Lens Panel
Various types of Lens

Various types of Lens can be used

Lenses are attached with Linhof standard lens panels. This includes large-format camera lenses as well. A Rodagon lens can be attached with the Linhof standard panel special for Rodagon(Optional).

Various types of Digital camera can be used
Digital camera

Various types of camera can be used

For compatibility with various cameras, the corresponding mounts are provided as follows:
  • For Sony E, Canon EF, Canon EOS-R, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Fujifilm X, and Panasonic S1 are available.
  • For Pentax 645Z/D, Hasselblad/X1D, Fujifilm GFX50s and GFX100 are available.
  • For Phase One Mamiya mount and Hasselblad V/H mount digital backs are available.