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Horseman VCC PRO-G

Horseman VCC PRO-G

Horseman VCC Pro-G is a photographic apparatus Enabling camera movements for various cameras. You can acquire a professional photographic technique just by attaching your favorite camera to this system without any additional accessories. Featuring all camera movements in the super-compact body, Horseman VCC Pro-G brings its abilities into full play both at location and in studio.
To upgrade accuracy of controlling the camera movements, Horseman VCC Pro-G has introduced “Gear Control System”enabling precise focusing adjustments for imaging macro, jewelry, product work, or archiving. Moreover, you can adjust the perspective control very easily and therefore, perform ideal camera work.



Various types of camera can be used

Horseman VCC Pro-G provides camera mounts for Sony E mount, Fujifilm X mount, Canon EF mount, Nikon F mount and Fujifilm G mount. Just attach a matching mount, and you can mate the VCC Pro-G with any of these cameras.

Digital mirrorless camera

Combined with a digital mirrorless camera, Horseman VCC Pro-G can perform many types of photography with camera movements. Using wide angle lenses for medium-format cameras, then VCC Pro-G plays perfectly in various shooting circumstances such as interiors, construction, landscape, commercial and product, macro-shooting, portrait-shooting etc.
Digital mirrorless camera

DSLR camera

Combined with DSLR camera, Horseman VCC-G can use Rodagon lenses, various lenses from 90mm to 150mm for large-format camera. Good for product, table top, macro-shooting and portrait-shooting etc.

*Camera with battery grip (non-removable type)
cannot be applied.


Various types of Lens can be used

By just exchanging the lens panel, Rodagon lenses or your lenses for medium or large-format camera can be used. The size of the image circle is very important for the camera movements. As those lenses have large sized image circles, sufficient camera movement amount is secured.

Rodagon lenses

Rodagon 60mm - 135mm can be used with VCC Pro-G. Combined with a high definition digital sensor, Rodagon lenses, whose features are superb high definition, vivid contrast, extreme neutral color rendering without distortion, surely create high performance. Rodagon lenses are extremely well corrected throughout the entire image circle, retaining sharpness even to the corner of the field.

Lenses for
medium-format camera

VCC Pro-G provides VCC Pro lens panels for Pentax 645, Mamiya 645 and Hassleblad. If you have a mirrorless camera, these lenses can be used.

*Please note that lenses using this standard must be adjustable via manual control only.
*When combined with DSLR cameras (Nikon/Canon models), these cameras cannot achieve infinity focus due to their lenses flange to sensor requirements.

Lenses for
large-format camera

90mm-150mm lenses are fit for VCC Pro-G. With use of double panel, it can be used together with Linhof standard panels or 8cm square panel.

*The compatibility depends on the size of the rear lens element.

Image circle and technical camera movement

As light passes through the lens, it forms an image circle at the imaging plane (where the film or sensor is placed). The illumination is greatest at the image circle center and diminishes towards to edge of the field, eventually passing no light. The "usable" portion of this illumination for purposes of imaging is generally referred to as the "image circle". The size of the image circle varies according to the lens design and focusing distance. It is critical to match the size of this image circle to the imaging needs of the subject. It governs, among other things, the amount of camera movement that can be achieved at a given format size, focusing distance, and field-of-view. If the circle is not sufficiently large to accommodate all of these conditions, the result will be vignetting, or insufficient illumination on part of the subject or field.


All parts of Horseman VCC Pro-G are manufactured and processed in Japan according to rigorous quality control on each process.

Easy to use / Highly accurate camera movements

With the revolving system, switching from the vertical position to the horizontal position and vice versa can be easily achieved. Loosen the knob on the camera mount and then, turn the camera. Just one-touch operation! You can always select any framing freely.
Horseman VCC Pro-G has abundant camera movement amounts : Tilt : 15゜each back and forth at the Lens Standard,
Swing : 15゜each back and forth, Rise / Fall : 15mm each at the rear side, Shift : 20mm each right and left direction

camera movements

Compact design and easy manipulation

Even with exceptional sturdiness and durability of the metallic material, Horseman VCC Pro-G can be collapsed and transported easily. The folding rear standard can be stored in a compact way by removing the Lens Standard.
Aperture stop can be adjusted as expected via the lens iris control. For focusing, you just move the Lens Standard back and forth on the rail. Other settings are easily set by a digital camera. Magnetic bellows can be removal with one-touch.