Horseman View Camera Converter Professional
A handheld view camera - Horseman VCC Pro - Offers DSLR users a variety of technical movements.
Canon EOS Mount, Nikon F Mount Full Bellows functions for Nikon and Canon EOS digital SLRs.

Whether you use a Canon or Nikon digital single lens reflex,Horseman now gives you an opportunity to add full bellows functions turning your DSLR into a full functioning large format view camera with a vast selection of lenses. The Horseman VCC Pro comes in two models, one that accepts Nikon and one that accepts Canon DSLR bodies. The end user can use a combination of Rodenstock Rodagon lenses, as well as some standard medium format camera lenses including those for Hasselblad V, Mamiya and Pentax 645, newly designed digital lenses by Rodenstock and Schneider and most large format lenses.
Focusing is easily obtained by driving the focusing knobs on either or both sides of the VCC PRO.

Full Bellows functions for Nikon and Canon EOS digital SLRs.

As the camera is fixed to a revolving mount, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical positions with a single turn of a knob. The VCC Pro can be used handheld or mounted on a tripod head.

horizontal and vertical positions
a knob
Bellows functions are one of the major attractions of large format photography.

The VCC Pro gives you professional photographic functions normally reserved for large format cameras. Architectural, product, food, tabletop and photography in restricted spaces. Now you can use tilt, swing, shift, fall, rise and any combination of these to increase or reduce depth of field, correct or exaggerate perspective distortions even at the widest aperture. The end user now has control on the front and rear standards.

movement sample/Before After
Stitching Images together.

The rear standard gives you 30mm vertical and 40mm horizontal movements by ultra precise spindle drive to stitch the images for novel or panoramic effects. Four frame stitching with full frame size CMOS, or FX images will achieve extremely high resolution image quality equivalent to that achieved by professional high end digital backs.Inaccuracies between successive pictures are held to an absolute minimum, making post-editing an easy task.


Higher Resolution Image Quality. Using Rodagon Digital lens as well as large and medium format digital lenses.

The end user enjoys lenses that are maximized for high image capture and lenses that offer much larger than normal image circles.
Rodenstock Rodagon Digital lenses are designed to perform to very high standards providing excellent color aberration for digital imaging.
The Rodagon Digital lenses range from 60 mm to 135 mm have a large image circle to cover an entire image when tilt/swing and rise/fall are performed without darkening in the corners.

For Close Up, macro and even micro Photography.

VCC Pro permits macro or close up photography without adding supplemental bellows or extension tubes.

CLOSE-UP bellows
CLOSE-UP sample


Rodenstock Rodagon Lenses - CCD camera lenses

The Rodagon lens formula, with brilliant reproduction, has become the universal workhorse of photographers in practical use. The lenses up to 135mm have proven to be excellent macro lenses for SLR cameras with high-resolution image quality.


The 6-element design guarantees the resolution of the finest details while maintaining a uniformly high contrast from the image center to the edges. The recommended working aperture is reached by stopping down by only 2 stops from open aperture.


These excellent apochromatically corrected lenses with up to 7 elements ensure the full elimination of irritating visible color fringes on high-contrast structures. All monochromatic aberrations have also been greatly reduced to give this lens type its unsurpassed image reproduction performance.

Rodagon Lenses Spec

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