Horseman SW617
The Greatest Camera in the Horseman SW Series
Here at Horseman, where we boast a long history and tradition as a medium and large format camera manufacturer, we have created the super panorama camera in our SW series - the "Horseman SW617".
Its features include an ultra wide 6 x 17 cm image with the high image quality of large-sized photograph. The optional ground glass back also allows critical focusing and compositioning. Choose from eight types of dedicated lens units to support a variety of scenes.
In commemoration of 60th Anniversary
Horseman SW617
6x17cm format
Horseman SW617
Film Size : 6x17cm
Interchangeable Roll Film Holder
Horseman SW617 roll film holders are available in two formats, 6x17cm (120 roll film/4 exposures) and 6x12cm (120 roll film/6 exposures), and can be attached to the back of the camera unit. The locking buttons on either top and bottom of the camera body enable you to attach and detach them. Providing an extra roll film holder in advance will allow you to take your next photograph immediately, without having to load another film.
Roll film holder 6x17 cm6x12 cm
Removable Focusing Screen
You can attach an optional ground glass back for the critical focusing and compositioning to the place the roll film holder is mounted.
Lens Units
The Horseman SW617 lens unit lineup features a total of four types of lens units, Horseman has independently developed a dedicated helical mount to produce high accuracy in visual measurements. Each lens comes with a distance scale and a depth-of-field scale.
Lens Units
Lens Units
•Schneider Super Angulon XL 72mm F5.6
•Schneider Super Angulon XL 90mm F5.6
•Schneider Super Symmar XL 110mm F5.6
•Schneider Tele Xenar 250mm F5.6
High-performance View Finder
The Bright Frame Optical View Finder provides extremely bright images to determine the photographying area
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